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The premier go-anywhere foldable water pipe for the outdoor enthusiast 

Monkey Pipe

The original Monkey Pipe - a perfectly discreet travel companion 

Eyce Bubbler & Spoon

Indestructible silicone with built-in stash jar & metal poker - durability that rips 

Stash Lab is an online headshop committed to connecting the diverse and expanding smoking community with products that match a variety of needs. Our products cater to the mountain trekking, beach toking, sun-soaking smoker who relies on the most durable gear to suit their active lifestyle. We are passionate about breaking the negative stereotypes that are associated with this industry, and inspire everyone to get out and smoke!

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Finally earned my first Stash Cash coupon the other day. Was so stoked to use it for a new glass water pipe. Got my piece in just 3 days and love it. 100% recommend their UPC glass

Ethan (Amherst, MA.)

I have bought from Stash Lab a ton of times and am loyal for a reason. Their products are amazing quality and make for easy gifts for my friends. High five Stash Lab ;)

Jessica (Boulder, CO.)

Best online smoke store! They have tons of cool pieces, and are way cheaper than my local shops too

Anna (Lansing, MI)

Thanks for the free shipping. Keep the goods coming. You guys are the best! 

Ray (Austin, TX)


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