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Love it

Already buying them as gifts for friends

The Hammer and the Spoon

Stellar pipe for someone that likes to tinker out in the garage, no more fear of dropping it haha The poker is a great added bonus as well!

Loved the new pipe. Very quick delivery and packaged well. No problems at all with it

Multi-Color Fritted Bubbler w/ Front Carb

Really good pipe.

This is my first recycler and I am very impressed with the quality of the experience it provides. So much cooler so the taste is preserved. It is simple to use and works great.

Works as advertised.

I bought two of these because my original broke (my fault; I dropped it on the floor). The fit is fine and it works without issue.

Awesome product!

I love it

Spoon Pipe

Love it.


My lil hitter is perfect for me. Love the color and feel. Easy to load, smoke and clean. Perfect.☺


Shipped and delivered safe, secure, and faster than expected!

Love this. Best pipe I've ever owned, no question.

Bought this at a local store. First, it's sleek and neat. I've never owned a silicone pipe, always glass. Wood carries a weird flavor, metal burns too hot. It'll take a few days to get used to the feel of silicone instead of glass, but the hits are clean, the cleaning is simple, the hidden poker is genius, and you can order sets of 4 from EYCE if you lose it, which i have lol. The bowl comes right out when you try, and it DOESN'T come out on its own. Also if you aren't storing anything in the stash spot, the silicone cover for it works extremely well as a bowl cover between hits to reduce or eliminate excess smoke. Brilliant. Well made, well designed, well done! I'm extremely picky, so for me to be satisfied is no easy task. Good job! Buy this pipe! Andrew's Seal Of Approval.

Not everything I expected

Unused and brand new the glass bowl piece was melted into the silicon and tore some of inside when I removed it. im sure this damage will make future cleaning difficult. The bowl piece then had silicon stuck on it which i have yet to been able to fully remove. The shipping and delivery were quick and efficient, but the actual colors were much darker then I expected from the pictures. the bowl piece also has quite a large hole it it which allows material to suck through if your not very careful.

Rasta Cane Pipe.

I received my order, I am very pleased with my purchase.Thank You.


Great bowl size. Feels like a Tabacco pipe

No product

I can't rate your product because I haven't received it yet.



Customer support was excellent

Great Piece, Slow Shipping

This piece is great! Rips super smooth! The three separate chambers really allow for the smoke to cool and get filtered before it hits your mouth. Not too hard to clean as long as you clean it regularly.
I paid for the most expensive express shipping which showed on the website that the item would arrive within 3-4 days, but it took 5 days. I feel I should be refunded for part of the shipping expense since it was not as express as guaranteed.

Literally yes

It’s great for real

Love it!

This thing is amazing. I bought it thinking this will be great for when I don't feel like rolling or I'm out of papers. Well, I love it so much I haven't rolled since I got it. It'll probably make my pack of papers last for months lol. The slider fits pretty tight, so I dabbed a tiny bit of olive oil on a paper towel and lightly coated the piece, which worked like a charm. The first one I bought was the green one at a gas station. I actually dropped it and broke it the next day. I managed to saved it with super glue, but I liked it so much that I wanted to replace it. I bought 2 from this site for me and my husband, pink and white. Then my mom saw it and wanted one so she ordered her a pink one. The white one is the prettiest one and I will probably be ordering more of these for my friends.

beautiful and compact

This little pipe is so cute and finely made I almost hate to use it. (But I will.) It's a true work of artisanship. Bravo.

eyce spoon pipe

great pipe, unbreakable!



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