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Fits my Dugout but...

It is a great little Pinch Hitter, but you have to load it by hand because the bowl end has no edge. So you can't use the stash side of the Dugout like it was intended.

Awesome Tool

This is my first one-hitter of any kind. It is very easy to use. Just pack the end with tobacco and light up. It is also easy to clean. I poured 70% isopropyl alcohol in a Ziploc bag - enough to submerge it - and let it sit for a while. I did shake the bag occasionally, and I used a Qtip to wipe any lingering residue.


Got it delivered by mail, sooner than I thought. Great service, I will order again from them.

Love it

It’s great!

Gandalf pipe

Absolutely love it.

White Turquoise Stone Pipe

Another good piece from Grav Labs

Perfect size chillum. Well made.

EYCE Spoon Pipe

Fisherman's Friend

nice little bubbler

This was my first purchase from Stash Labs, and I wasn't disappointed. The reason I'm giving 4 stars is that I was expecting it to look more like the picture, only because there were several different styles to choose from, and i thought it would be closer to the same style.
Functionally, it works exactly like I expected, and it's got a nice balance while sitting as well. I would recommend other pieces, as the craftsmanship was very good.

Marley Natural bubbler

This thing is DOPE! The only reason Im not giving 5 stars is cuz there's a lil whistle sound when inhaling. Super nice piece though. And Stash Lab shipping and packaging was real good

Love it

Already buying them as gifts for friends

The Hammer and the Spoon

Stellar pipe for someone that likes to tinker out in the garage, no more fear of dropping it haha The poker is a great added bonus as well!

Loved the new pipe. Very quick delivery and packaged well. No problems at all with it


Multi-Color Fritted Bubbler w/ Front Carb

Really good pipe.

This is my first recycler and I am very impressed with the quality of the experience it provides. So much cooler so the taste is preserved. It is simple to use and works great.

Works as advertised.

I bought two of these because my original broke (my fault; I dropped it on the floor). The fit is fine and it works without issue.

Awesome product!

I love it

Spoon Pipe

Love it.


My lil hitter is perfect for me. Love the color and feel. Easy to load, smoke and clean. Perfect.☺


Shipped and delivered safe, secure, and faster than expected!

Love this. Best pipe I've ever owned, no question.

Bought this at a local store. First, it's sleek and neat. I've never owned a silicone pipe, always glass. Wood carries a weird flavor, metal burns too hot. It'll take a few days to get used to the feel of silicone instead of glass, but the hits are clean, the cleaning is simple, the hidden poker is genius, and you can order sets of 4 from EYCE if you lose it, which i have lol. The bowl comes right out when you try, and it DOESN'T come out on its own. Also if you aren't storing anything in the stash spot, the silicone cover for it works extremely well as a bowl cover between hits to reduce or eliminate excess smoke. Brilliant. Well made, well designed, well done! I'm extremely picky, so for me to be satisfied is no easy task. Good job! Buy this pipe! Andrew's Seal Of Approval.



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