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I wanted this for a camping/canoe trip we took this month. Got it shipped with priority service and they got it here in 1 day. We used it every night on the trip


This is by far the best water pipe I ever invested in. I load it up with a couple ice cubes and it hits soooo smooth. Its a big ass pipe so you definitely should be careful not to drop it but I have knocked it over before and it didn't even crack!


Great piece i love it should have a bump in the slide to hold it in place but itll get stiffer with use im sure


I got the monkey pipe every time I go fishing and left it in my truck a while ago. I was so upset I lost it. Luckily my buddy found it under the seat and have been back at it ever since!

Nifty pipe

I love how it swivels open and close. I keep this in my purse since its pretty small

Coolest bubbler

Man is this thing dank. These were twice as much at my local shop and I snagged a deal on here! The glass has changed color a bunch and looks trippy as hell now.

My all time favorite

I love this pipe. I have always been a die hard original monkey pipe user until I discovered the spoon pipe :) Service through Stash Lab Technologies was fast, convenient and very affordable. I could not be a more pleased customer.

Great gift

Got this as a gift and she loves it


This pipe is an absolute beast! Take it with me everywhere

Pretty Glass

Definitly a cool purchase. I love how its rectangular shape sits in my hands. Also the pink is even more pink in person!

Wake N' Bake

I use this pipe every morning. Love it so much. I can't believe how realistic it looks!

Fantastic Pipe

Love this pipe so much! Hits like a champ and looks awesome

Good product

To take out the bowl remove the tool and bend down the pipe to the pop it in hand the hidy bottom is unaffected by this so no worrys

The easy way - or the hard way

Smooth - Especially filled with ice, so smooth there's a fine line between a super smooth hit and - or a lung breaking cough. Don't cross that line and you'll be alright. Cross that line, and, well...maybe that piece of lung will grow back. IDK

Nice Piece

Awesome love it.
Need to know how to remove the glass bowl ?


EYCE Sidecar Bubbler

Couldn't ask for more!

I am extremely happy with my piece!

Great pipe!

Draws super and easy to hold onto.


very nice little tool

Awesome pipe

Lovett easy-to-use awesome also fast service thank you

Love it!

This thing is awesome. Love it!


Awesome product!! Thanks!


Freestanding 11" Glass Gandalf Pipe

Monkey pipe

Wow, where has this pipe been...very smooth hits, small enough to conceal just about anywhere. Nice design, love it.

Good product for price.

Good product for price. Just remember to buy screens before using. Love having the pipe cleaner. Very handy.



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